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A look at Dione w/o pictures

Airship: Titania’s Fury
Title: Atlas
Name: Dione (no surname)
Species: Kindrin
Age: looks between 20 -25 human years, Kindrin years….2k
Height: 6’2”
Eyes: Violet
Hair: White
Physical description:
Tall, muscular, but not huge, she’s thick, but not fat. Most people are very aware of her size and stature and are somewhat intimidated.
She has a single unicorn horn on her forehead, but does not have the normal ridges on her face that most Kindrin have. In this instance she’s more elven in features than most. She does have some scaling around certain areas, but those are limited to parts of the face, shoulders, back and legs. In her current form she does not have wings, but upon shape-shifting into her primal form, she does.
Dione also has a ponytail; it is normally extended out from her body by different wraps/leather. The tail itself is pretty long, which can cause problems in crowds, but she normally swings it over her arm and carries it around.

Though her height and stature say otherwise, Dione is a fun, and loving person. She’s generally not very quick on the uptake, but sometimes will surprise you with a witty retort you didn’t see coming.
Most of her friends think she’s goofy. She often tends to spend most of her time around them making sure they’re happy, or having fun.
Strangers, on the other hand, tend to think she’s too standoff-ish and that she’s hard to get along with. She stays quiet unless spoken to, and normally the answers are short and to the point.
This is mainly because she’s getting a feel for the person. IF she thinks they are acceptable, or doesn’t get a completely evil vibe off them, she tends to loosen up, but that’s only if they stick around that long.

Abilities: Mage
Dione is the ships Navigator (Atlas) which means she is a mage. She uses her magical prowess to steer the ship, read the solar winds, and power the ship with a magical current. Most of the ships power will come from solar energy, however, her and the mystics are relied upon for more energy requirements that the solar energy/steam cannot expend.
On her hands she wears special gloves that have gems attached to the palm and fingers. These she holds over an orb built into a station on the deck. Where normally a wheel would be placed for steering, this console is put in its place. The console houses many different orbs, and one large glass that reflects their current position, the stars in the nearest vicinity, the solar system they’re in, with mini-maps of the closest solar systems, planets, and space stations.

Dione also wears a pair of blue goggles, that when worn, light up. These goggles are made of the same gem as her gloves, and transmitting her inherent magic, allow for her to read the solar winds that they pass through, often allowing her to detect oncoming storms, meteor showers, and sometimes even impending super novas.

Dione has some minor magical abilities, but other than that she expends most of her energy steering the ship. The ships Atlas must stay at their position at all times, unless the ship is engaged in battle, in which case the captain takes over for tactical fighting.


The tall kindrin had somehow managed to fold herself onto the floor in and indian style sitting postion, intently concentrating on polishing her boots. The captain noted the intense concentration on her face, and smirked.
“Please tell me you’re using the good stuff, and not spit for all that effort.”
Dione looked up, her eyes squinting at her Captain, and grinned.
“Ha, no.”
She leaned back down, rubbing furiously on one spot she’d been working on for hours. The captain, in the meantime, laid her feathered body on the ground, crossing her front legs, she tilted her avian head as she looked at her Atlas.
“Cause last time you spit-shined, you stunk this place up worse than the bad fish that rotted in the cellar for a week.”
Dione looked up again, a confused look on her face.
“Stunk? Huh? I don’t get it.”
Leiko stared at her officer wondering how it was this woman could be a magical genius, but couldn’t figure out a jab when she felt one. The Captains thoughts were cut off when the white haired lady finally exclaimed.
“OH! OOOOOOOOH!.....oh… aw, that’s not nice. My breath isn’t that bad.”
A long pause went on between the two, neither making a face.
“ok. I’ll start using the mint leaves.”
They both cracked up, and Dione stood up, wiping off her backside, fluffing her tail ever so slightly (she was pretty vain about it) and then stuck the boot on, stomped it into place, and put the wraping back around it, buttoning it up.
“There! All done.”
Leiko stood up and started walking out knowing Dione would follow.
“Why were you shining them anyway? I’ve seen you wear those things scuffed to all hell and never bothered with shining them.”
“Cause they stunk.”
Dione laughed, ducking a beak snap from Leiko, and trotted back up to the deck.
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